An Inside Look

At CSMediaPro, you work directly with us – Chris and Cherice. As owners, we’re the only voices you’ll hear. Teamwork, communication and creativity are essential when building IT solutions for business efficiency. We bring all of these, in addition to being your friend, colleague and confidant.

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What Can We Build For You?

We built this cool contact box that texts your questions and comments straight to our phones. That in itself is not a big deal - SMS texting is integrated into all kinds of sites these days. The cool deal here is that when we text back, our reply shows up here on the page. It's a browser-to-text-and-back chat system. With a little more polish and shine, it would make a very powerful support or marketing tool for your site. Your operator can be on duty pretty much anywhere they have access to an SMS enabled phone. They don't have to be in front of a computer.

This is a proof of concept implementation. We DO NOT have operators standing by 24 hours to reply to these messages. Chances are good however that we will be awake, near our phones and able to reply to a text. If you feel like waiting a few seconds, watch just below the send message button to see if we reply.

When you send the message, please include your first name and a valid phone number that we can reply to in case we can't answer a text message right away. Keep in mind this is an open conversation where anyone can jump in at any time so keep it cool!

Chat thread starts here - look for our reply!