Serious IT. Uncommonly fun approach.

Our passion to develop and maintain large-scale applications came decades ago. And while we know the IT lexicon well, we prefer to talk to clients in everyday terms – plain and simple.

We work the same way. From the first conversation, we listen to your unique needs to get to the source of your IT challenge. We explore short and long term goals, as well as any implications, while considering your entire enterprise operation. Then we set expectations and propose a solution that matches your budget and timeline.

In short, we’re an extension of your company, freeing up valuable time, energy and resources. We promise serious IT results through an uncommonly fun approach – we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Our Process:

This is the discovery phase and is of vital importance in the software development life cycle. We will spend as much time as necessary with you and your employees in order to clearly understand your business needs. We will be asking a lot of questions, analyzing and clarifying your requirements in order to define your software specifications. Our extensive experience in IT consulting and custom software enables us to provide the best solutions.


During this phase we will be translating your requirements into an application model. Think of this as the set of blueprints that will be used to construct your application. The representation will include all of the specifications and how they will be implemented. We will spend time with you verifying our understanding of each feature and providing mockups for your review.


During this phase your application will be developed in a staging environment. This includes the database, application architecture and interface pages. This is the longest phase since it includes the majority of coding. The purpose of using a staging environment is three-fold; 1) develop and test prior to production; 2) implement training sessions; and 3) add future functionality after deployment.


After development, we test the application against the requirements gathered during the discovery phase. We ensure that the application is solving all of your business needs. Testing includes functionality, systems integration, performance and client acceptance testing.


At this point the application has been rigorously tested and is ready to go into production. We often refer to this as “Go Live”. Specific steps will be taken to seamlessly transition from any preexisting software to the new application. The go live date is usually estimated at the close of the development phase and determined upon successful completion of the debugging phase.


Maintenance of the new application includes server safeguarding, database backups, administrative technical support, and contingency plans. While maintaining the application, we will continuously refine and reevaluate the software as your business changes and grows.