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A snapshot of Effectiveness: Custom Software, Strategic Websites and Case Studies

Custom Software - Recent Projects

Industry: Medical, Healthcare

Project: A private brain and spine surgery practice needed HIPAA-compliant software with an interconnected mobile app to manage and track patient surgeries and exams, billing and scheduling. With a staff of over 200 surgeons, doctors, nurses, secretaries affiliated with over 20 hospitals and a whopping patient list of over 28,000 and growing - this software had to be precise, secure and fast!


  • High Security: To protect doctor and patient information.
  • Top Speed: To provide critical information at moment’s notice.
  • Geo-Location: To detect doctor’s physical location (hospital) and provide pertinent patient list.
  • Tracking: To provide important and up-to-date health-related information.
  • Billing Accuracy: To ensure timely billing with accurate diagnosis and procedure codes.
  • Calendar Scheduling: To manage patient surgeries at various hospitals.
  • Multimedia Upload: To upload and store pre & post op picture and video uploads.
  • Flexibility: For entering last minute emergencies and hospital changes, such as patient status changes, operating room changes, on-call changes, floor changes and more.

Solution: Surgeons have all of their vital information within seconds on their mobile app backed by full-blown custom software application. This system is in use 24 – 7!

Industry: Education, Online Universities

Project: A large eLearning corporation needed to rebuild and expand its online learning portal which included staff daily processes, heavy reporting and 300+ sub-sites for colleges and universities nationwide.


  • Search Engine Optimization: In order to promote over 1000 courses with more being added every day.
  • Transparent eCommerce: For smooth transactions of continual incoming orders 24 – 7.
  • 3rd Party Integrations: Seamless integration of multiple systems sharing data.
  • Order Tracking: To ensure clients received services as promised in a timely and professional manner.
  • Partner portal: For both education and corporate business partner login functionality.
  • Flexibility: For processing many unique course curriculums and tuition assistance programs.
  • Calculation Precision: To ensure accurate disbursements to schools, sales staff, and vendors.
  • Scalability: For rapid and unlimited growth of courses, schools and student memberships.

Solution: The software has streamlined the day-to-day tasks of staff, while successfully promoting products and services through its highly-optimized, public front face.

Industry: Government, Industrial, Environmental

Project: A global air quality analysis company for the US State Department needed a sub-contractor to integrate their hardware with the Internet.


  • Hardware Integration: software to poll and read data from the air analysis hardware over a serial connection.
  • Format: retrieved data had to be formed and stored to meet government standards.
  • Remote Programming: hardware located in Hanoi, Vietnam had to be programmed from Wilmington, NC, USA.
  • Schedule: retrieve and store data from the hardware every hour, 24/7/365.

Solution: Set up a remote connection to a computer in Hanoi which was attached to the air quality analysis hardware. Programming was completed in Wilmington and transferred to the remote system via file transfer, tested and debugged over virtual private network. The software was flawlessly delivered and working as designed to ensure that the air quality is safe for our fellow American citizens at the U.S. Embassy. in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Industry: Healthcare

Project: A national healthcare franchise ranked in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500, Fastest Growing, Top New and America’s Top Global lists needed software to automate office tasks. With nearly 400 franchise units, this software had to be super scalable, flexible and reliable.


  • Corporate Controlled: Corp needed to be able to set the baseline foundation of all office tasks.
  • Flexibility: Each franchise needed to be able to customize tasks based on unique office needs.
  • Tracking: To ensure each staff position had fulfilled assigned tasks at specific times.
  • Notifications: instant notifications of new tasks and tasks completed across time-zones.
  • Reports: Results displaying task completion percentage per office and per employee for practice success measurements.

Solution: The software’s ease-of-use allows employees of all levels to quickly and easily manage personal tasks. Office owners can quickly add customized tasks and assign them out with the assurance that notifications will be sent to the right people and carried out efficiently. Ultimately, the software ensures that corporate retains control of how the franchise offices should be running for maximum productivity.

Industry: Training, Health and Human Services

Project: A growing training company needed software to help build their new B2B online training division from the ground up.


  • LMS Integration: For seamless and transparent integration with an existing learning management system.
  • Multi-tenancy: For multiple client businesses to sign on as members.
  • Intra-company Communications: Including notifications, messaging, forums and chat.
  • Security: To ensure content protection between client companies.
  • Content Networks: Providing both open and private course libraries.

Solution: This training company was able to sign on clients prior to software completion simply through demos and screenshots! Once clients began to sign on, our client had to expand into new offices. The software has caused an explosion of growth and success of our client.

Strategic Websites

Past Experience - Case Studies

Case Study 1 - Diplomacy Amongst Bureaucracy

A multi-billion dollar, national insurance and financial giant needed a proprietary remote training system to manage over 12,000 field users. Due to the nature of the business the client had intense requirements.

The system required:

  • Security: To avoid competitive sharing
  • Stability: To accommodate the enormous amount of users
  • Multi-Media: To engage dynamically with users interactively through video and content
  • Tracking: For users to be able to attain continuing education (CE) credits for certification
  • Accessibility: To accommodate thousands of users
  • Industry Compliance: To be SCORM and AICC compliant

This project especially needed:

  • Diplomacy and Communication: To achieve the desired results in a timely fashion while maneuvering through a conglomerate’s bureaucracy
  • Project Management: Due to staff turnover and multi-functional requirements this project had to be handled with highly skilled management


Challenges were overcome and the multi-team, multi-media project was implemented on time and the partnership with this client was a success.

Case Study 2 - LMS and CRM Unite!

A multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 financial corporation needed a proprietary, multi-media learning management and client relationship management system for 2,000 financial advisors.

The system required:

  • Data Validity: To check data as it was entered against database and rules in order to insure accuracy and avoid costly mistakes.
  • Security: Due to the extreme sensitivity of financial information
  • Stability: For field users to count on the system while interacting with clients
  • Multi-Media: To allow for Video, text and graphical content to interact seamlessly
  • Tracking: For the learning system to allow users to earn CE credits
  • Accessibility: To be flexible to allow for addition of thousands more users

This project especially needed:

  • Client Staff Education: The technology being used was new to the client’s IT staff. Therefore education was critical to elevating the staff’s knowledge level for their on-going success
  • Intensive Analysis: IN order to allow for data validation the database and business processes it supported had to be thoroughly understood


The system is still being used today! The partnership with this client was a success.

Case Study 3 - The Inter-Facelift

A multi-million dollar financial partnership with multiple firms across the United States decide to create a new user interface while maintain existing system architecture in order to avoid a complete system upgrade.

The system required:

  • Careful Integration: So data wasn’t lost or misrepresented from old system to new interface
  • Security and Stability: To accommodate over 5,000 users

This project especially needed:

  • Creativity and Knowledge: To understand a variety of systems in order to integrate the old and new
  • Time Management: to Accommodate the client’s budgetary restrictions


Client continues to happily use the new interface with the old architecture while adding more users.

Case Study 4 - Power!

A multi-million dollar international publishing corporation needed a dynamic micro-site for a wide-spread, powerful campaign.

The system required:

  • Analytics: For critical tracking of the promotions success
  • Cutting Edge Interactivity: For an incredible user experience
  • Stability: For constant availability during excessive traffic
  • Perfect Timing: For launch and removal with precision

This project especially needed:

  • Quick Turn Around: To accommodate last minute content additions
  • Variety of Data Capture: To allow for many types of analysis


Marketing was successful and client will use solution in the future.

Case Study 5 - You’ve Got Vision Mail

Multi-billion dollar, Fortune 100 financial corporation needed a proprietary video e-mail marketing system.

The system required:

  • Vast Translation: To be able to reach many types of e-mail systems
  • Maneuverability: To reach intended recipients
  • Database Intelligence: To manage information of hundreds of thousands of senders and recipients
  • Multiple Tracking: To analyze variables and make necessary adjustments from one campaign to the next

This project especially needed:

  • Business Acumen: To understand the client’s marketing needs to develop the best system requirements
  • Excellent Communication: To develop an appropriate technological solution for a business problem


Client had the edge on their competition and was grateful for their partnership.